Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Mongolia Mongolia Mongolia

So we are now in Mongolia. It was a pleasure to have a weekend off from meetings and events. We are staying at the Best Western Hotel in Ulaanbaatar (or UB as the locals call it). We choose  this hotel because the deputy manager of the hotel is one of our alumni. It really is a great hotel.

So over the weekend we managed to get out into the country side and see some of the traditional ways of Mongolian life. We got to eat in a Mongolian tent and some of the braver members of the party including the Chancellor rode horses and camels.


We also got to have a really good look around UB and to sample some Mongolian culture. We got to see Mongolian dance, singing and contortionists. But for m by far the most impressive was the Mongolian throat singing. If you have not heard it take a look at this link

For me this will always be the sound of this trip and of Mongolia.

Mongolia is very important to CQUniversity. We have more Mongolian students than any other Australian University. We have many great alumni in the country. There are also many similarities between Mongolia and Central Queensland. Both are resource rich and have very large extractive industries. Both are challenged by the down turn in commodity price Both are rural with vast land area with relatively few people. All of this makes it natural that CQUniversity and Mongolian organisations become partners.

We are very lucky to have Ivy Chung working for us in the International Office. Over a number of years she has build up great relationships in the country. We are are also building on the links that the former CQ TAFE (now part of the university) had with the mining industry in Mongolia.

Mongolia is not what I had expected. It is a modern country with some of the warmest people on the planet. It also has a very long and proud history. I would really like to visit this country as a tourist  and really get to know it.

Also worth noting that the Chancellor and I got to try on some new academic gowns.

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