Friday, June 5, 2015

Day two Hong Kong

Quite a long day - but a good one. An early start to the day to catch our flight to Hong Kong from Singapore. It was good to be met at the airport by Giles our staff member based in China. Also good to get a briefing from him about this part of the world.

After the 4 hour flight we had a couple of hours before leaving for our partners and alumni event over on Hong Kong Island. 

At the event it was good to meet up with Angela To the Queensland Commisioner for Trade and Industry in Hong Kong. She has a wealth of knowledge about the region.

We were very grateful to Dr David Sze and Dr Gavin Chau who came over from Macau for the event. They were from the City University of Macau and are keen to partner with us in the management area.

Also very good to meet up with Dr Chan and his team from HKCT Institute of Higher Education. CQUniversity has a very long history with this group and the Chancellor in particular enjoyed meeting up with old friends from this College

As always the highlight of the evening was meeting with our Alumni and hearing about the great things they had done since getting their degrees. The Chancellor and I are getting into a routine with our presentations. I think our team are going to get very fed up with hearing me go on about the university for the next couple of weeks!

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