Friday, May 15, 2015

Phenomenal fundraising effort raises almost $17,000 for Nepal Earthquake relief

Wow, what a great effort from everyone this week! Our simultaneous campus fundraising lunches raised a grand total of $16,393 for Nepal earthquake relief. This is on top of the $10,000 already donated by the University, to Rotary, for emergency shelter kits. On top of this the media coverage about our fundraising efforts also led to a member of the public donating a further $1,000 to our fundraising tally!

I am so proud of everyone who made a donation and pitched in to help yesterday - it just goes to show what we can achieve when we all work together.

Combined with funds already donated to Rotary by staff and students following the earthquake, I am confident that our efforts will lead to almost $30,000 being channeled into emergency relief shelter boxes for Nepal.

As well as monetary donations I am also aware of staff within the Nursing school collecting clothing and other items to ship to Nepal. This commitment to helping communities in need - even those that are so far away is what makes CQUniversity such a great university!

Thank you to everyone for showing your support and getting behind the beautiful country of Nepal and it's amazing people, many of whom also call CQUniversity home.

Here's some pics from yesterday:

CAIRNS: It appears you can win friends with salad. Looks like the tropical sunshine in Cairns inspired some lighter choices for their lunch. 

CAIRNS: The health conscious Cairns crowd contributed a princely sum to the fundraising effort - even with salad on the menu. 

TOWNSVILLE: Our newest campus fired up their new BBQ and put out prayer flags to raise a nice chunk of money. 

MACKAY: A strong crowd in Mackay led to plenty of funds being raised. 

ROCKHAMPTON: Rocky staff and students (as well as the community!) came together and to raise money and enjoy a snag or two.

EMERALD: Being one of our smallest campuses didn't stop Emerald from contributing a mighty sum to this fundraising initiative. 

GLADSTONE: Even without their fearless leader, Professor Owen Nevin in charge (he's in Kazakhstan tracking snow leopards), the Gladstone team still managed to raise lots of cash. 

GLADSTONE: The look of satisfaction only a sausage, caramelised onions, BBQ flavoured sauce and white bread can bring.  

BUNDABERG: A great effort for our Bundy staff and students who braved the cold (21 degrees) to eat sausages and donate money.

BUNDABERG: The DFM team leisurely cooking the snags while the line grows longer. 

NOOSA: What's that on that table? Coke, creaming soda and lemonade... Noosa, where is the wine? 

BRISBANE: Another stack of cash was raised in Brissie. Success that can be attributed to the fact they served an authentic Nepalese feast. Now I'm hungry. 

MELBOURNE: The Melbourne crew managed to raise a pile of cash thanks to a lunch and silent auction. Well done!

ADELAIDE: Adelaide staff enjoy their stylish alfresco area.

ADELAIDE: Jenni and Brad are all smiles after lunch. (Seriously, look at that alfresco space - complete with decorative bamboo, looks like one of the terraces on the Block). 

SYDNEY: I saved the best for last here. Hats off to the Sydney campus who have raised $4,155 in the last week thanks to their lunch and other activities. What a fantastic effort! If I was giving out prizes I would give one to Sydney but I'm not, so they'll just have to bask in the glory of being the fundraising champions of CQUniversity. 

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