Tuesday, May 26, 2015

It’s time to change it up #NRW2015

Today is National Sorry Day. An important day for Australian’s to reflect on the past and hope for the future. Held each year on the 26 May it commemorates the forcible removal of Indigenous children from their families and recognises the lasting impacts felt by those parents and children.

Whilst the past can never be changed the future can. The day therefore should be used to celebrate the great relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australia’s in our communities and the work that is being done by so many to bring positive change and a future where we all join together to celebrate our cultures and the nation we live in.

National Sorry Day also precedes Reconciliation Week (27 May – 3 June), a week that reminds us of two important milestones in the journey to reconciliation – the 1967 Referendum to allow Indigenous people the right to vote and Mabo High Court ruling in 1992.

This year’s theme for Reconciliation week ‘It’s time to change things up’ really sums it all up when it comes to CQUniversity. I like to think CQUni is changing it up and doing some great things thanks to the Office of Indigenous Engagement. We are engaging with Indigenous communities more than ever and providing our many Indigenous students with enormous support.  You only need to login to UniNews to see our achievements in this area – 22 stories in less than two months!

What’s more there is also three Higher Education Participation Programs (HEPP), currently being carried out at CQUniversity. These programs are directly aimed at raising the aspirations of Indigenous Australians when it comes to higher education.

Together at CQUniversity we are making a difference and changing it up. Great work has been done but there is still plenty more for us to do, I am however looking forward to the great things ahead. 

More than 150 students attended the AIME program launch in CQ last week

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