Friday, July 5, 2013

Increase in applications a positive sign for CQUniversity Australia

Based on figures published last week, CQUniversity is officially Australia’s second fastest growing university and Australia’s fastest growing regional university, with domestic applications up by 28%.

Since the introduction of the demand driven system (which many experts said would be the death of regional universities like CQUniversity), we have outperformed the domestic growth of almost every other institution.

I am confident that this trend is set to continue, especially as the demand for distance education increases. CQUniversity is committed to delivering flexible study options and providing support to distance students, because of this we will continue to invest in online teaching technologies as well as distance education study centres.

I also think we will see further increases due to investment in new programs and infrastructure, particularly in the areas of allied health and engineering.

Becoming Queensland’s first dual sector university will also see CQUniversity engage with more students and allow us to expand our current program offerings.

In addition, more and more students are deciding to remain in or relocate to regional areas to study. I firmly believe this is not just for financial reasons but also because students are realising that they can attain a quality education in regional Australia (especially Central Queensland). 

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