Thursday, June 20, 2013

Buying fresh online

I’ve often purchased products online, either because it was easy or simply the online store offered exactly what I was looking for at the right price. However, when it comes to fresh food, like fruit and vegetables, I’m a little reluctant. Why? Maybe it’s because I’m not sure exactly the quality I’ll get.
CQUniversity’s researcher David Harris has some theories he’s testing in an online survey. David says when people buy fruit they tend to pick it up and have a good look, before making a decision. So, if online fruit and veges are pictured in someone’s hands, are we more likely to buy? Is it possible to deduce the weight, texture and hardness (or softness) of a product viewed in a photo? Does the colour of the packaging play a part in your decision? These are the sorts of questions David asks in the survey.

The survey offers the chance for people to have their say about the ‘last frontier’ of online shopping, buying fresh produce. I would encourage anyone interested in this topic to take part in the survey. You can contact David via or go direct to the online survey

Researcher David Harris

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