Friday, February 22, 2013

Excited about iTunes U for distance education

I just finished reading a story in our UniNews broadcast that has really captured my imagination. Not just because the story is set on a tropical paradise, but because the student featured in the story provides a great insight into how technology is revolutionising the way she studies. It’s also particularly relevant for CQUniversity with our intense focus on delivering quality distance education programs.

The student featured in the story recently moved from New South Wales to a small South Pacific Island nation, Niue, which is 2400km from New Zealand. Since relocating she has enrolled in CQUniversity’s Bachelor of Laws program. Conveniently the program is the first law program in Australia, designed specifically with wireless access in mind.

The whole program is available on the iTunes U platform, a web-based application for iPhone and iPad devices. This innovative app is just one example of how digital technology is changing the face of tertiary study, by allowing educators to deliver course content to a global audience, creating ‘mobile classrooms’ not limited by size or geographic boundaries. I really believe that the use of this type of technology signals an exciting time for higher education.

Even if you aren’t a Law student you can still explore this technology for yourself now. Along with course content for our Bachelor of Laws, there is also a great range of other learning and information resources related to CQUniversity. To explore what’s available please follow this link (to access the link you will need to download the free iTunes U App on your iPad or iPhone, alternatively if you are using a PC you will need to make sure iTunes is installed).

I am really excited that we are using this approach for the delivery of our law program to distance education students, as it promotes flexible learning and accessibility. In fact I can’t wait for this to be used across many more of our program offerings.  

Watch this space!

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