Monday, February 18, 2013

All about Eve

In late January, the CQUniversity community welcomed Eve. Eve is the first calf born from a ‘handmade cloning’ process which is potentially the first viable cloning method for large-scale improvement of the beef industry.

CQUniversity’s Professor Gábor Vajta established this technology, which involves a simple dissecting microscope and micro blade to dissect and reconstruct the embryo to affect a 'somatic cell nuclear transfer’. The overall goal is to find the best way to commercialise cloning for the benefit of the cattle industry.

Professor Vajta has been working on the more viable handmade cloning technique in collaboration with local firm Australian Reproductive Technologies (based at Mt Chalmers near Rockhampton). Positive results were instant and a pregnancy was achieved on only the second attempt.

I know cloning is an issue that can sometimes divide opinion, but there are many compelling arguments in favour of the process for agricultural applications. Professor Vajta has written a very informative opinion piece which appeared in a recent issue of CQUniversity’s Be magazine – you can read it here.

Best of all Eve and her birth mother are both doing well. 

 Eve with her birth mother
Professor Vajta with Eve

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