Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Share your journey

I recently heard of a great campaign the University is running that allows past, present and future students to share their journey through developing a short video.

This really captured my imagination and got me thinking about my own journey which started many years ago back in the UK. 

I began my professional life as a radiographer and trained at the Northampton School of Radiography. I worked for a number of years as a radiographer in London hospitals before moving into a teaching role. This step eventually led me to Australia and into university administration. It’s been an amazing journey so far and I feel fortunate to now be leading CQUniversity and living here in this fantastic part of Australia.

Many of our students have interesting and unique journeys too. Some have been in the workforce for years, or raised a family, before deciding that university study is right for them. Some have experienced setbacks and hardships on their way to university study, only to come out at the other end with a truly rewarding and fulfilling career. Others have traversed great distances (real and virtual) in choosing to study a CQUniversity program by distance education, or making the move to Central Queensland to fulfil their dreams of being a sonographer, a stage performer or an engineer. It’s an incredibly diverse mix, and it’s part of what makes us such an inclusive university.

I do hope we get plenty of people sharing their journeys with us. Remember a degree is not a destination; it’s just one part of a much bigger journey.

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