Monday, November 19, 2012

Recognising our great people

You will likely recall in the past few months, that I have spoken about what makes a great university, and more specifically what will make CQUniversity one of Australia’s great universities. Many of the responses had similar themes running through them – a belief that a great university is defined by its involvement in the community, its philanthropic activities, the study programs it delivers, interaction with students and research outputs. 

I completely agree with all of the above and I am constantly thinking about our ‘from strong to great’ vision. Most recently in fact, I was thinking of all the things that already make us great, and the most obvious thing to me was our people. CQUniversity is very lucky to have a number of very dedicated academic and professional staff. Staff who are leaders in their field, staff who innovate, and staff who I constantly see going that extra mile to deliver a first class service to our students and engage with our community. 

Last week we held our annual staff awards ceremony, which is one of the highlights of the University calendar. This year was a real standout though, as some of the people we recognised have delivered completely remarkable contributions to CQUniversity and their local community. 

In particular I would like to make mention of Kathy Ramm and Ron Wallis – who were recognised for 35 years of service to the university. I find it truly amazing that Kathy and Ron have built their careers around our university – even more amazing is that I was just a kid when they first started!

I’d like to personally thank all our award recipients, as well as all CQUni employees for making this university what it is. With your continued dedication we will be able to make CQUniversity a great university. 

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