Friday, July 3, 2015

Congratulations to our latest award recipients

We wouldn’t have great teaching without great teachers, inspiring their students and innovating in so many elements of their practice.

That’s why it’s so important to recognise and celebrate examples of great teaching, through the annual Vice-Chancellor’s Awards for Learning and Teaching. 

These Awards will be formally presented at the 2015 Staff Awards Ceremony in November. Please join with me in celebrating these exceptional teachers! It’s great to work among so many passionate and talented people. Keep up the great work.

Multidisciplinary Research Higher Degree Student Learning and Teaching Team (Prof Donna Lee Brien – School of Education and the Arts and Prof Margaret McAllister – School of Nursing and Midwifery) for facilitating the safe crossing of knowledge borders: Designing and delivering innovative and responsive multidisciplinary research higher degree student learning and teaching

Dr Tris Kerslake (School of Education and the Arts) for outstanding facilitation of high quality student participation and achievement through motivational and personalised learning and teaching activities

Jason Smyth-Tomkins (School of Education and the Arts) for the continued development of music performance courses underpinned by accessibility and responsiveness to students, as well as a commitment to collaborative and community partners

Sandy McLellan (School of Nursing and Midwifery) for outstanding engagement and commitment to learning and teaching in the undergraduate Nursing programme, as reflected in excellent communication skills, flexibility and depth of knowledge.

Dr Michael Cowling (School of Engineering and Technology) for the innovative use of educational technology in Information Systems classes to embrace digital preferences and collaboration between students and teach complex multi-step processes

Dr Nirmal Mandal (School of Engineering and Technology) for innovative learning and teaching  practices including a unique ‘4-point’ strategy to systematically change ‘red’ courses to ‘green’ and ‘good’ to ‘excellent’, enhancing students’ learning and satisfaction

Dr Subhash Sharma (School of Engineering and Technology) for excellence in redeveloping the Asset and Maintenance Management programs to meet industry needs and to help students achieve their career goals

Dr Santoso Wibowo (School of Engineering and Technology) for developing effective and real world approaches that facilitate enhanced learning outcomes for international students in postgraduate management courses

Dr Ali Abusalem (Division of Industry, Vocational Training and Access Education) for the creative implementation of innovative techniques and technologies, coupled with intensive communication, to promote student empowerment and the realisation of learning and teaching goals.

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