Friday, June 5, 2015

A long but great day in Hong Kong

A good start to our second day in Hong Kong. The air is still very clear and a blue sky. Much better than I have seen in Hong Kong for the past 20 years. Many years ago I used to do teaching visits to Hong Kong for South Bank University in London. I spent a lot of time at Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

Our first visit was to Hong Kong College of Engineering. A very interesting College heeded up by Dr Peter Kwan - here he is with our Chancellor 

We are taking the opportunity to meet with some of our most distinguished alumni while we are away on this trip. To this end we had lunch with Mr Wai man Woo. He studied at our Melbourne campus and was awarded a MBA. He is a very successful business man. He is very involved in community service including being 

- Chairman, Hong Kong Repertory Theatre Council
– Chairman, Executive Board of the Hong Kong Real 
– Adviser, Society of Registered Financial Planners
– Honorary Adviser, Hong Kong Kowloon City Industry and Commerce Association
– Member, Guangzhou Committee of the Chinese People’s Political 

Dr Woo is an Honorary Citizen of Guangzhou City of Mainland China and the City of Houston, United States. These awards were bestowed for advancing international relationships.

CQUnivers is proud to have such Alumni of the University.

After lunch we visited IDP and met with Calvin Chan a Senior Advisor. he gave us an up date on the Hong Kong Education Market. And here is yet another picture of the Chancellor with Calvin 😄

We then visited Hong Kong College of Technology. As well as meeting with staff to discuss possible partnerships it also gave us a chance to meet with some design students studying at the College. 

Here is a student preparing for her final design show in a few weeks

A long day and I have to admit to having a snooze in the car between meetings - but a very good one. We don't have any meetings tomorrow and then we are off to China on the train on Sunday. have a great weekend Scott

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