Friday, May 29, 2015

10,000 steps ahead

So pleased to see that this week that the Queensland State Government committed to continuing funding of the 10,000 steps program, to the tune of $840,000!

The program was established in Queensland in 2002 and is now headquartered at CQUniversity. Its key aim is to get people active and healthier by taking 10,000 steps per day. What started as a community based program, has now been copied the world over.

10,000 steps is just one of the ways we can all work towards a healthier more active lifestyle and some of statistics are incredible –

  • 3,500 workplaces are registered with the program.
  • 82,000 Queenslanders have participated in the program and logged 40 billion steps!
  • Globally more than 153 billion steps have been logged on the 10,000 steps website and app.
  • 20 scientific studies have been published using 10,000 steps data.

Such a simple concept is really making a difference at the heart of communities, once small step at a time, and I congratulate the Palaszczuk Government for showing a commitment to healthier workplaces and communities through the funding of this program.

I’ve been involved in the program before but this has now motivated me to log back on to the app and start tracking every step again. I hope you will join me as well! 

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