Thursday, April 11, 2013

Setting a goal for health and wellbeing

Since the beginning of the year, I set myself a goal to get fit and healthy and have been fortunate enough to have shed 15kg so far.

I have never felt better and am so glad that I made the choice to make some basic lifestyle changes. I have lots more energy, am happier and in general just feel extremely well. I am amazed at how making just a few changes has enabled me to enjoy every aspect of my life so much more.

Whilst I made this decision for myself and my family, I have largely been inspired by the great work some of our researchers are doing here at CQUniversity, in the fields of health and physical activity. Learning about their work has really helped in this journey and made what seemed to be complex, very simple. Making changes certainly isn’t easy and sometimes just finding the time to develop new habits is near impossible, having access to useful information helps immensely though.

If you are interested in health and wellness I’d recommend having a look at our Institute for Health and Social Science Research (IHSSR) webpage and in particular the projects the Centre for Physical Activity Studies is involved in – especially 10,000 Steps.

Meanwhile, I’m still learning about new ways to optimise my health and am enjoying getting out and about to exercise in our local area. Climbing some of the local mountains has been a highlight so far.

After climbing Mt Jim Crow early one morning. 


Wendy Ibbotson said...

What a great achievement. To lose 15kg is no easy feat. I am commencing my own weight loss journey so I will look into the IHSSR information.

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