Monday, March 26, 2012

Three states in one week

Like most Queenslanders, I watched with interest over the weekend as the state election process unfolded.

With eight CQUniversity campuses in Queensland alone, I’m really looking forward to working with the incoming government and the local MPs on our ambitious campus renewal projects and progress of our aim to be Queensland’s first dual-sector institution.

The University has enjoyed strong and fruitful ties with many of those MPs who might be retiring or who may have lost their seat over the weekend. On behalf of CQUniversity, I thank them for their support and for being such valuable advocates for the University. I wish them well in whatever the future brings their way.

I am leaving Queensland behind this afternoon with trips to both Sydney and Melbourne in the coming days. I’ll be presenting at the Higher Education Congress in Sydney and the Interconnected Tertiary Education conference in Melbourne.

Anita and I are also very excited to be attending the official launch of CQUniversity’s Sonogoraphy program based at our Sydney campus tomorrow evening. As this is Australia's only sonography program available for undergraduate entry (with postgraduate exit), there's been an enthusiastic response from students keen to help relieve a critical health workforce shortage. You can read more about our unique sonography program in UniNews.

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