Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A comment from the flying VC

Some of you may have seen the profile piece on me in today’s Higher Education section of The Australian (if you haven’t, here’s a link). I’d like to thank the editor, Julie Hare, for a well-written, fair and honest look at CQUniversity and my time in the Vice-Chancellor role.

Naturally, no journalist can take a fair and balanced look at the history of CQUniversity without mentioning some of the difficulties of the past – and I respect that. However, all universities go through tough times and, like others in the sector, I like to think that we have pushed through those ‘growing pains’ to face a far brighter, far more prosperous future than our past critics could have ever imagined.

To my colleagues, our students, our stakeholders and our friends in the sector, I say this: let’s learn from the past, but let’s not dwell on it. CQUniversity is well on the path towards its aim of being Australia’s most engaged university and, eventually, one of Australia’s truly great universities. There is plenty more ‘good news’ to come.

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Drew Dawson said...

Dear Scott,

I saw the article and thought it fair and balanced. In my opinion the 'history' reasonably placed CQU in the context of an institution embarking on an upward developmental trajectory. In my view, one should never underestimate the symbolic value of a transformation narrative.

Leaving aside the 'history', what was most interesting was Denise Bradley's relatively strong endorsement of CQU's strategic direction and leadership. In my opinion, this will not go unnoticed in the sector.

As a fellow risk-taker, I particularly enjoyed her characteristic bluntness in illustrating your willingness to engage in well-manged risk. I suspect no-one ever died wondering what Denise thought about a topic

Based on comments down south, I think people are starting to sense an emerging 'buzz' around the CQU brand and strategy and an openness to innovation. Can only be a good thing in an increasingly stultified sector.

Perhaps the next CQU 'soundtrack' should feature that iconic Timbuk3 single from the 80's!!!!


Drew Dawson,

Centre for Sleep Research
University of SA