Monday, February 22, 2010

A river ran through it!

“O” week is upon us. This is always a very special week when we see the campuses come back to life after the long Summer break (I know that many of you have been working hard over the break – but there have been few students about). It is great to see all the egger faces waiting to start their programs. They trust us with a great deal of responsibility. They have chosen us over all other universities. About 3000 new students will join us today – I think they have made a good choice. All our campuses are up in the number of students starting today – well done to all those involved in this great success.

Last week saw the graduation in Rockhampton. Over 60 staff were up on stage and many of our professional staff were in the audience. Many thanks to all of you – your presence means a lot to our graduates and their families. I urge all staff to try and attend graduations – it is a chance to see what you have achieved. All staff have made a difference to the lives of those graduating. The stars of the evening were William McInnes and the river running through the marquee. This is a picture of the Director of my office Jenny Roberts with the actor – strange that she has never wanted her picture taken with me!

We are starting to get good response to the Voice climate survey. I am looking forward to hearing how staff feel about working at CQUniversity. I am even more looking forward to working with you to improve the experience of staff. Feedback is important in all aspects of the University’s functioning. I think we need to do a lot of work in embedding feedback and improvement into all our operations. All stake holders need to have a say in what we are doing – and we have to improve based on that feedback. I think this will be another important theme for 2010.

It is a good week for me family wise. My daughter Anneka is here with our seven week old grandson Owen. I had forgotten how much work is involved with a young baby. I really do empathise with all of you who are working for or studying at the University with young children. You are stars!


Hayden Gaffel said...

"It is great to see all the eager faces waiting to start their programs."

Yes, you do have us rather fooled don't you? As one of those 'egger' faces (Is this a hidden message about o-week? Should I be expecting eggs?) I'd think anxious is a more accurate word. A combination of both excitment and nerves as we start on our new path of schooling. Personally, I can't wait!

Hayden - First year '10

Tim Griffin OAM said...

Wishing all those beginning and continuing University at CQUni - Australia a successful and enjoyable 2010. Enjoy the journey.

Kind regards
Tim Griffin
Council member
past Graduate
CQUni - Aust

Tim Griffin OAM said...

Happy study in 2010.