Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Regardless of OP everyone can be what they want to be

Last Saturday morning there would have been thousands of nervous school leavers’ right across Queensland waiting to check what their OP scores were. For many this would be a daunting experience – a culmination of 12 years of schooling represented in one number.

Many would have been thrilled with their results, others surprised and then there would be those who were disappointed. All I can say to these students is “It’s Ok!”

Sure it’s great to get a fantastic OP result, but if you didn’t it certainly isn’t the end of the world. You can still be what you want to be and I’m sure in 10 years’ time you will be doing what you want or at least on the path to discovering what it is you want to do.

Regardless of your OP it’s important to remember there is always going to be more than one path to get to where you want to go.

Good luck to all recent school leavers’! Embrace and enjoy all the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. Congratulations to all the parents as well - you  have also been very much a part of this exciting journey so far. 

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