Wednesday, October 31, 2012

CQ a leader in innovation and research

Lately it seems there is not a day that goes by when we don’t see something on morning television or the evening news about a research breakthrough - whether it be a cure for a life-threatening disease, or a new study confirming that chocolate and wine are good for you (I’m particularly fond of these).

When you think about it research is all around us. Some people devote their entire lives to researching a particular concept, just to improve the lives of others.

Today we are fortunate enough to have access to vaccines for devastating diseases like polio, measles and cervical cancer, lives are saved because of advancements in surgical technologies, and we can now understand and protect our environment better than ever before, all because of research. Where would we be today if someone somewhere hadn’t embarked on a journey to uncover these findings? Research is about knowledge, and knowledge changes lives. 

I’m very proud to lead a university that has an absolute commitment to excellence in research and innovation – even more so because much of the research conducted at CQUniversity places an emphasis on issues that directly affect the Central Queensland region. Take for example research into the effects of FIFO/DIDO lifestyles on workers and their families, or studies into water quality changes and the impact on the southern tip of the Great Barrier Reef.

CQUniversity’s research institutes and centres facilitate research projects in areas such as environmental management, railway engineering, power engineering, business, health, physical activity, domestic and family violence, and education.

We also aim to achieve complete relevance in our research efforts through strong links with industry, government and our community, as well as through tight collaboration with national and international researchers and research networks - good research, which is relevant, always involves a high level of engagement.

It’s also important to remember that research isn’t just about medicine and science. Research can focus on all types of issues that are part of our everyday lives. CQUniversity’s Noosa campus recently hosted the first International Cookbook Research Symposium, our nursing school uses puppets and masks to aid in education and research, and we are now shaping up as an emerging Indigenous research university. It’s a far cry from the traditional stereotype of the scientist in a white lab coat huddled over a Bunsen burner – although we do a fair bit of that too!

CQUniversity’s future research efforts have also been boosted by the establishment of the Central Queensland Innovation & Research Precinct (CQIRP) in Rockhampton. This facility, valued at around $30 million will allow us to further expand our research efforts and scope over the next 10 years, and will position Central Queensland as the research and innovation capital of regional Australia, revolutionising the impact the University currently has on the communities we serve.

Our research is also beginning to speak for itself as last week one of CQUniversity’s research teams led by Dr Dr Corneel Vandelanotte, was awarded a national research grant valued at almost $700,000. 
Dr Vandelanotte's research is focused on finding effective and innovative methods to increase physical activity in large numbers of Australians at a low cost. He has designed and evaluated several innovative website-delivered physical activity interventions. 

What a fantastic achievement for Corneel and his team – congratulations!

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The university is also the library. As a distance student I recently received fantastic service from the Melbourne Campus, they quickly found a copy of the DVD I needed for my PSYC13017. Thank you. Antoine