Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Enrolment milestone a stepping stone to greatness

QTAC has just released detailed data on first semester enrolments for 2012 – and according to this analysis CQUniversity is the most popular regional university operating in Queensland!

Based on official QTAC data comparing 11 providers in Queensland, we had 3000 new enrolments – topped only by ‘the big three’ metropolitan universities. How far we’ve come in just a few short years…

This milestone has been achieved because of a number of factors including the scope and flexibility of our program offerings, our geographical span, our investment in new facilities and equipment, the incredible efforts of many of our staff and of course our focus on renewal and making CQUniversity one of Australia’s great universities.

Increasing enrolments is one way we can define greatness but it’s by no means the only measure. Greatness can be hard to define, but some of the ways I believe CQUniversity will achieve this vision include:

Improving our research outputs – to be a great university we need to be in the top half of all Australian universities for research.

Being Australia’s most engaged university – we’ll be a university who engages with and responds to the needs of our students, staff and communities we serve.

Being a leading dual-sector university –as we move further towards a merger with Central Queensland Institute of TAFE, we can’t just become a dual-sector university; we need to become the leading dual-sector university.

Continuing to be an inclusive university – CQUniversity is proud to have the highest proportion of students from low socio-economic backgrounds and double the national average of Indigenous students. We will continue to take pride in being a university that embraces and includes students from all backgrounds, instead of defining our success in terms of elitism and exclusivity.

Delivering quality distance education programs – CQUniversity will continue to deliver high-quality distance education programs to our students.

Improving our standing as a national university – While our heart is and always will be in central Queensland, we need to leverage this and deliver quality programs to students from across Australia, and also remain as a major provider of education to international students.

Giving back – we need to be a university that reinvests in top educational outcomes and ‘gives back’ by contributing to the communities and industries we serve here and overseas.

I know these are all huge aspirations, but they can all be achieved through dedication and commitment to overcoming and meeting the challenges we are going to face. So far we have met these challenges - we have become a financially stable university, we are now a strong university and I’ve no doubt that by 2020 we will be one of Australia’s most accessible, inclusive, engaged and GREAT universities.

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I like that the university released the complete info of the semester. It is good for the students. Distance Courses