Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Alumni and the road to greatness

Those who know me well know how much I love to fly. Fortunately for me, due to our multi-campus structure I have the opportunity to take my plane out regularly when I visit each of the campuses. Getting out and about and making contact with CQUniversity staff, students and alumni in all of our locations is one of the highlights of my role.

I was hoping to fire up the engines of the Jabiru tomorrow and fly to Emerald to attend the next in our series of alumni and supporter events, but due to the horrible weather I’ll need to drive.

Planes and automobiles aside, these events are so important to the future of the University and achieving greatness. They also provide a fantastic forum for ensuring ongoing engagement with our community. It is one of my firm beliefs that a large part of a University’s reputation rests on the satisfaction of its alumni.

As part of the event I will deliver a presentation, providing attendees with information on the current phase of our renewal and growth, statistics on student numbers, and how we are tracking against our mid and long term plans.

I also use events like these to thank our alumni, donors and institution supporters for remaining connected with the University. Their support will help make CQUniversity one of Australia’s truly great universities.

More alumni and supporter events are also scheduled for this year in Melbourne, Sydney and Bundaberg (hopefully I’ll get to fire up the Jabiru for that one!).

The photo below is from the recent Brisbane event. I'm pictured here with alumna Patricia Courtenay.

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