Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Student BBQ

It was great to get out this lunch time and meet with some of our students on the Rockhampton campus. The event was organised by the Student Association - many thanks Brendon and team. Also thanks to Sandy and Toni from my office for helping out. We had about 300 students turn up for lunch.

You cannot help but be impressed when you meet our students. All are keen to engage with the University and make their mark on the world. They were full of praise for our programs and staff. It is good to get out and about to hear all this positive feedback - sometimes all I hear in my office is the bad news.

Of course there was some positive critism about how we are operating. This included quite a lot of advice on how we can be more environmentally sustainable. Thanks - this will be taken on board.

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Tanya Rutherford said...

A similar, informal staff forum would be greatly appreciated too. Thankyou.