Thursday, June 30, 2011

Noosa Noosa Noosa

This has been quite a week for our Noosa Campus. On Tuesday we had a wonderful graduation - with 85 students graduating including two with PhDs. We have also more than doubled the space we have on the Noosa campus and announced that Professor Kevin Tickle will be the Head of that campus. Kevin showed me round the new space and outlined his plans for making best use of the new facilities. We will be offering far more programs on the Noosa campus including some in cooperation with the Sunshine Coast Institute of TAFE. We have plans to base more researchers in Noosa and to open more laboratories.

I was very pleased to meet with many people from the Noosa community. They are very supportive of what we are doing and want us to move forward with all possible speed. Our staff in Noosa are as always are VERY enthusiastic and I think that the new commitment to Noosa has given them a shot in the arm. I think that Noosa is another example of how CQUniversity is going from strength to strength.

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